Cape Town’s stories

Most of Cape Town’s museums lie within the city centre, so if you’re prepared to brave the weather you can walk between them. As someone who is interested in personal histories, my must-visit recommendation is the District Six Museum. Housed in the old Methodist Mission Church, the museum’s moving displays of letters, photos and personal memorabilia really drive home the impact that apartheid had on families, friends and the once-vibrant community of District Six. Around the corner is the acclaimed Fugard Theatre, named after Athol Fugard, a Tony award-winning playwright who penned Tsotsi. Pop into the box office and see what’s playing!

And although a walk through the Company’s Gardens is also best saved for a sunny day, there are plenty of indoor attractions – including the National Gallery – around this green lung in the city centre.

Kids will love stargazing at the Planetarium. The ultimate in armchair travel, at the Planetarium you simply sit back and stare up at a pitch black dome where they magically recreate the night sky in a scattering of constellations and planets. Whatever the weather outside, the Planetarium’s sky is always clear and when the cosmic show is over you can wander through the neighbouring South African Natural History Museum – the African dinosaur exhibit and Whale Well are always a hit with children!

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